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About Me

I’m a thirty-twelve-year-old New Zealander who has the travel bug. Bad. I first picked up my first bout when I travelled to the UK as a 24-year-old on a working holiday visa. Ever since, where I’m travelling to next has always been at the forefront of my mind.

I was lucky enough to work in the travel industry for 14 years – needless to say I made full use of the cheap travel available to me. The fact it was standby worked in my favour – plenty of last minute destination choices added to the mystery. Earlier this year I made the tough decision to leave my job. While I was still enjoying it, the nagging urge to travel long-term wasn’t going away. And the fact I couldn’t break into Auckland’s insane housing market (combined with a government that didn’t care about the first home buyer – glad they’re gone!) only made my decision easier. 

I’m a budget traveller at heart but I don’t let that stop me enjoying every destination to its fullest. I’m also a very independent traveller - I love the fact the travelling independently is more likely to put you bang in the middle of something you would never have expected. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s bad, either way you’ve just got to go with the flow (and hopefully pick up some blog ideas along the way).

Over the past year I’ve developed a love of diving. I earnt my PADI Open Water in Koh Lanta, Thailand -since then I’ve experienced Goat Island Reserve north of Auckland, the Gili Islands of Indonesia (taking my eyes off the turtles just long enough to pick up my Advanced Open Water) and Rhodes in Greece.

Food is another thing that attracts me to a destination – to me it is one of the most important things that defines a destination. Picking up skills via a local cooking class is always at the forefront of my thinking. And washing the local cuisine down with a local beer is something I’m not afraid of - I’m a fan of craft beer; the hoppier the better I say.

Future destinations on my list? The immediate future will hopefully see me experience Iran and the Indian sub-continent. After that? Who knows? But Central/South America are definitely on the radar.

To sum things up, I’m lucky enough to travel in this amazing world we live in and hopefully you’ll jump on board for the ride.

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